Friday, January 27, 2012

Balance in Life (PBP wk 4)

Saturday, August 11, 2012 (4:40 pm)

In order to keep my sanity I must learn to balance my life... easier said than done.  

Balance is a fundamental aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It is also a hard thing to accomplish. How do you go about balancing every aspect of your life? Do Yogi's live eternally happy because they're stress free? Is it about time management? I personally can not find enough hours in a day to accomplish everything I set out to do; but then again, I have a tendency to procrastinate with each new task. Once I get the wheels turning however, it's hard to stop me; which is something I appreciate creatively and magically speaking. I know that I can be better, that I can be more strict with myself, I can micromanage; but the point is to learn to balance, not to accomplish. I'd like to be able to manage my life with as little stress as possible. I want to have a balanced love life, but for that, I first need to get a grip on my life. I don't think I know anyone that has it completely balanced & together; at least on the surface. You have success and power in the work area and a poor social life. Or an active social life, but no love life. Not that you need to find a partner to validate you. I was perfectly happy before love, happier when in love, and a hot mess after... hell, I'm still dealing with the aftermath.

Love can be the most powerful spiritual tool just as heartbreak can be the most damaging.

Family, work, finances, social, spiritual, physical, and mental aspects all affect your overall well being. If one area causes more stress, it throws the rest of your wheel off balance. It takes more of you, more time, and more energy. If you're not careful, it can completely destroy your life. I've been personally affected by an unbalanced lifestyle. I've let my issues affect me to the point where I had no hope left in me. Too much drama and negativity in the family & home, my personal life, career, absolutely everything was going downhill. Combine this energy with an unhealthy lifestyle and too much drinking, and you've got a recipe for destruction. It took me some time to learn to separate myself from all negative influence damaging my higher good.

I had to allow myself to let go of any issues that affected me mentally & spiritually. This is easier said than done; I dealt with depression for so long that I never thought I'd be able to say, I'm happy, again.

I have to admit that it wasn't until I began this path that I truly began to live. The more I learn about this spiritual path, the stronger I become. I have the tools within me to change what I don't like about my life. I can manifest the positive changes that will help and guide me to a prosperous tomorrow. The Law Of Attraction works, and once you change your way of thinking and let go of all the negative, you'll begin to see changes. It's really amazing. Of course, not everything can be accomplished with magick. There's also a need for actual hard work,;without the actions to support the magickal intention there can be no change. I need to prioritize my life. The rest will fall into place. I embrace the challenge that come with reaching my goals.This two of pentacles reminds me that I have what it takes to bring balance & harmony into my life, I have to make the choices. I just have to follow my intuition.

I need to find my personal balance.
As of last week, I was all bent out of shape over my romantic life. I allowed myself to lose focus. My energy was low because of this and I felt emotionally unstable. I've shaken that shiz-net off haha. If it's not helping me, it's damaging me. So, I've got to let go of any notions of love at the moment... at least while I pull myself together. It might be fun to have him back in my life, but he's not ready. I'm not ready. I need to guard my heart, I don't want another scar to mend. The first time around was hard enough. 

I must focus on me, and those that make me a better person. Change eating habits, get back on my fasting ritual, excercise more, work & study more. Focus on what makes me happy and balanced. Love is not in the mix, not yet anyway. I'm too emotionally involved with this guy to keep a clear focused path. I rather feel happy alone, than confused with him.
I need this energy to become my better self. ^_^