Friday, February 3, 2012

Coincidences, Connecting the Dots & Be Careful What You Wish For... (PBP wk 5)

Sunday, August 12, 2012 (1am)

Coincidences are manifestations of magik.  My first few experiences were a bit baffling. Small things would happen like, I'd be thinking about glass bottles for each corner and next thing you know, I find a pack of 4 glass bottles with the colors of each element. Or I'd think about something I needed and the following week, my sister sends me most of the things I had on my list.

There was a very specific "coincidence" around Halloween last year. I was working on my Dia De los Muertos altar, and I needed a dog statue to guard the first level. Around that time I was doing a bit of research on my family's history & roots. I discovered some interesting things about my grandfather and the ancestors; apparently, magik runs in the family.

My cousin and I came across some information about my grandfather's side of the family, there's some sort of code of arms that represents the family. It depicts a green field with a red ribbon across, it has a tree and there's a dog chained to that tree. The dog is described as a dog similar to a grey hound. It didn't surprise me since my cousin and I had already come up with the conclusion that for our family, dogs are our main familiars. 

So after learning this information and realizing that I needed a dog statue for my altar, I had this sort of mental image of the siloute of a sitting dog. It was so quick and specific. I never thought I would actually find anything near as close to what I'd pictured.
I was looking for "a" dog statue, any statue, and decided to check out the local Ross. Imagine my surprise when I'm walking down the aisle and I see this!!! I raced to the statue almost as if it would disappear at any moment. I couldn't believe it. IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I'D PICTURED!!! I was beyond myself, I could not believe that I'd found this dog, one that looks sooo much like a grey hound, like the dog described for my ancestor's code of arms. I mean, what are the odds? This image crossed my mind for less than a second, literally. Then on another random day I decide to go to Ross and I find it! It blew my mind!!! This dog now guards the entrance to my room. I keep him there to protect my sacred space.

Here's another fun fact, my dog at the time, Buddy, well, he sorta looks like this dog; except his coat was all over the place. My sister's girlfriend would clip his hair in a way, where she'd leave a strip of hair running along his spine. We used to call him Buddy the dragon. 

My Baby Buddy.  RIP.
Oh how I miss my Buddy. I was so depressed when I lost him, I didn't really think I would ever love a dog as much as I'd loved him. I lost him so suddenly, it was all so unexpected; it took me some time to process it. I remember my sister saying over and over "Buddy's dead, he's dead. He's gone." She must've said it like 20 times. It simply wasn't sinking in. I'd gone out of town for the weekend, and when I got back, I was met at the door with the awful news.

I remember sitting outside under a tree a few weeks later, crying my eyes out, asking the Universe why I'd lost him. I was in so much pain. I've had so many losses in my life, enduring this last one was proving to be a challenge. Buddy had been with me through everything, when I was at my lowest, when I had absolutely no one I could call for support.

Bumble Bee looking insect. Doodle by me.
I was trying to be strong, trying not to fall back into depression (for my mother's sake anyway). I remember I sat there, crying with such pain, asking Goddess, mother nature for peace. Then all of the sudden, this oversized bumble bee looking thing came out of nowhere from around the corner. I was in the middle of some pretty intense ugly crying when this thing flew over to me, landed on my lap and walked a few steps, ending with that my crying. I was so at awe, that my tears ceased almost immediately. I'd never seen anything like it, it stayed with me for only a few seconds, then it flew away. It felt almost as if this lovely insect had made its way to me to give me a message "Stop your crying, everything will be ok." (To this day, I have no clue of what that's called, if anyone has any idea I would appreciate the intell.)

About a two months later, a friend called me offering a pup. This happened in September, 3 months to the day after my Budddy had passed, literally, on the same day. I wasn't at all sure I even wanted another dog, I didn't think I could bear another loss.

My Baby Buddy as a pup.
During that time, I was having contact with Buddy. He actually came to visit on my birthday, yea, sounds insane, but it's true. He passed in June, and by July his spirit was already back in my life.

Up until then, I hadn't really had any experiences with spirits, it took my sister a first hand experience to believe that Buddy was still visiting. He'd actually visit through our other dogs. The first time this happend was on my actual birthday, I noticed our other dog was acting peculiar, his actions reminded me of Buddy so much. I remember thinking, "wouldn't it be funny if that was Buddy right now? wish he would do something to let me know he's here." The second I finished with my thought Dezi starts to whine like Buddy, he poses like Buddy, and behaves in such a way that I have no doubt it's Buddy.

I hugged him and cried and apologized over and over for not taking care of him as I should've. When I told my sister, she looked at me as if I'd lost my mind. The following full moon she told me that Buddy had visited her too. She couldn't believe it herself, she told me that he'd come to her through her boyfriends dog, an old female that out of the blue began to act like a pup. Knowing that Buddy was still around gave me some type of comfort. By the time September rolled around, I was happily comfortable with the notion that he would stay with me.

Luna as a pup.
When my friend offered the pup, I hesitated. I didn't want to replace Buddy. My friend sent me this picture and I immediately knew I wanted her. This puppy looked EXACTLY like Buddy did as a pup, she's a female, so it wouldn't be like I was replacing Buddy. I remember talking to him, asking if he was okay with him. I wasn't at all sure so I left it up to fate. As it turned out, my friend gave the pup away since it took me too long to decide. I felt at peace, I thought "well, that's ok, she's not meant for me. I really want her, but if she's not meant for me, at least let her have a good loving home." My friend tried to persuade the family to give her back, but they'd made up their mind. They said they would take her for a week to see if she was a match for their family. The week passed and the following weekend my friend calls me to let me know they can't handle her because she's too energetic. This is how I came to have Luna.

Luna now, a year old.
When my other sister met Luna, she immediately said, "What if that's Buddy reincarnate?" Of course I didn't want to believe that, this new pup was NOTHING like Buddy. She was such a troublemaker, destroying everything that came across her. As the months passed and she grew, I began to see such a resemblance that I also began to feel that this could possibly be Buddy. When I took her to the vet, he confirmed that she'd been born in July, which is a month after Buddy had died. Luna also has this darker stripe on her coat that runs along her spine, aaand her coat looks JUST like our rothweiler's. I mean, can you say coincidence? It was almost as if he came back in such a way that it would be hard to miss.

I feel that that bumble bee looking thing was giving me a message that I'd soon have my Buddy back with me. I now have Luna, and even though I miss Buddy on a daily basis I am thankful for having her in my life. She reminds me of him so much, so in a way, whether she is him or not, she's keeping his memory alive. I am thankful. 

There was a long list of "coincidences" before I realized how magickal the world really is. I'm amazed each and every day. Anytime I realize that something has manifested after I've thought about it, I give thanks to the Universe for hearing my call. I might not conciously set out to make these things manifest, but I'm glad someone out there is listening.

Thoughts manifest even when we aren't specifically working with intent. Like for instance, on Friday, my family was coming in from out of town and I was busy cleaning the house. I kept thinking, "I hope they take longer, I hope they don't arrive any time soon. I just need to finish the floors, just let me finish the floors." Well, they were suppose to arrive by 6pm, and they didn't get here until almost 7pm. My aunt told me they would've been here sooner if they hadn't gotten stuck in a thunderstorm. My uncle described the winds as 60mph. They had to slow way down to avoid getting in an accident. Coincidence?

"Be careful what you wish for" definitely comes to mind. There was just SO much to do, I just kept thinking "Let them take longer, arrive safely, just take longer." They showed up an hour later, giving me plenty of time to finish every chore.

Still, hearing they were delayed by a thunderstorm with 60mph winds is very alarming. :/

I need to be careful with my thoughts.

I read somewhere that there is no such thing as a coincidence.  We attract these events with the Law of Attraction. I wonder if every coincidence has to do with un-aware magik we send out into the Universe?