Friday, November 30, 2012

The X Factor ... (PBP wk 48)

The last post I made was back in September.
I wanted to get on track, catch up, and focus on me... but of course that didn't happen.

We are already in week 48 and there's only 30 days left of the Pagan Blog Project. I thought about saying "fuck it," and starting over in January when the next project begins; but for some reason I felt the need to give it one last try.
I thought that if I focus on writing, and just writing I can get out of this endless cycle of obsessing over what is and what isn't.

For this week, we are writing a post with the letter X. I could have taken a look at Judika's Encyclopedia of Spirits for one that begins with X; but every time I thought of this letter, Lauryn Hill's The X Factor would come to mind. Lauryn Hill is a legend. I fell in love with her music many years ago and can honestly say that her one and only album is still one of my must-haves; I keep it with me at all times -phone, mp3 player, the cloud.

It could all be so simple
But you'd rather make it hard
Loving you is like a battle
And we both end up with scars
Tell me, who I have to be
To get some reciprocity
No one loves you more than me
And no one ever will

Is this just a silly game
That forces you to act this way
Forces you to scream my name
Then pretend that you can't stay
Tell me, who I have to be
To get some reciprocity
No one loves you more than me
And no one ever will

No matter how I think we grow
You always seem to let me know
It ain't workin'
It ain't workin'
And when I try to walk away
You'd hurt yourself to make me stay
This is crazy
This is crazy

I keep letting you back in
How can I explain myself
As painful as this thing has been
I just can't be with no one else
See I know what we got to do
You let go and I'll let go too
'Cause no one's hurt me more than you
And no one ever will
So instead of avoiding the real issues that have me in a less than optimal form, I decided to let it out. The Ex is in fact a big factor in my life, and things are so complicated between us that I no longer know where I stand.

As I listened to this song for the millionth time taking comfort in her soothing voice and the honesty of her lyrics, I thought of no one else but him. She reached the line "cause no one's hurt me more than you... and no one ever will," and my chest contracted. I felt it so deep in me that I couldn't help but cry. It's true, no one's hurt me as much as this guy has, and no one ever will. I know this sounds pathetic, I shouldn't care about a guy that's put me through so much pain.. and, as much as I'd like to say otherwise, I still love him. "When it hurts so bad, why does it feel so good..." another of Lauryn Hill 's legends. :sigh:

Just before my last post I remember discussing how toxic this guy is for me. I wanted to stay away from him, and focus on me. He's a bad addiction. When I do my personal readings he always comes up, can you guess which card comes up? The Devil of course... among others.

I'd managed to bounce back after our last encounter and was learning to deal with these old, but at the same time, very new feelings for him when I found he'd been in a motorcycle accident. One that I was partially responsible for...

I'm a new witch, and sometimes I forget that as a witch I need to be careful with my thoughts. We'd been having issues. He'd just gotten the motorcycle and kept driving somewhat recklessly. I remember thinking, I wish he'd get rid of that bike.

During his last visit I traced 3 sigils on his bike for protection. I asked Goddess to keep him safe above all. After he left we got into some discussions, I found out some things that really upset me. Things were off between us and I was upset and hurt; I cried a lot and sought Goddess's guidance. The next morning I find out that he's been in an accident and was in the hospital. 

I felt it'd been my fault.
He was misbehaving, I cried to God & Goddess and the next morning he's in the hospital. He was going 70 mph when a buck jumped in front of him, he avoided it but wiped out down the road. He could have killed himself...
:sigh: I had a serious breakdown.
He fractured his arm, and dislocated his shoulder, had road burn all over and couldn't even move.
I felt so guilty.

I'd cried all night, complaining to God & Goddess, asking for help, for him to learn his lesson and then he's in an accident. It could be ruled a coincidence but I know better. This isn't the first time the Universe spanks him for misbehaving. Call it intuition, or whatever, I know this because I've been present when it's happened before. Of course nothing had been as big or dangerous as an actual accident, but it's been specific enough to show me that he's lying, or doing things he shouldn't be doing.

I was so worried for him. I ran to his side of course. I took care of him from October 10th -25th and dropped everything in my life along the way...

What happened in those two weeks ranged from absolutely beautiful to incredibly depressing --going into detail will just point out at my inability to walk away from that which serves me no good.

:sigh: I don't know where we stand now. I made some irrational mistakes myself while I was with him; things just fell apart. There were other parties involved of course, I just thought we'd be able to get through it.

I know he's not good for me and that the best thing I should do is to just stay away; I know this. If I was giving advice to someone in my own situation I would've suggested they run for the hills. I just keep hoping he'll change for himself, that he'll open his eyes and realize that he's better than what he's currently doing. I've loved this guy for such a long time, he's been back in my life for less than 6 months and I'm a hot mess again.

Before I left and dropped out of civilization, I was working on this post for the letter T. I did a personal reading and Temperance came out as the key for my reading --coincidentally that was my Taroscope for October. Wish I'd taken the card more seriously, if would've kept my cool I wouldn't have made as many wrong choices as I did.

Should've could've and would've, but didn't.

Inspite of the havoc that was wrecked I can't help but feel that everything was meant to happen as it did.

I'd avoided checking my cards since early November because I didn't want to see for myself that we're really over.
I finally did last night, and Temperance was the base of my anchor. The reading was actually extremely positive. The Sun was on the future position, the life spread reading showed the wish card on the future area, the rest all pointed towards getting what I've always wanted. I need to have patience.

It took me over 2 weeks to get over the stressful drama I had to deal with while I was with him. During this entire time I've neglected my spirituality and practice. Well, not completely, I had time with God, Goddess, the elements & the ancestors but didn't really cast any spells. I honored Goddess during Full & New Moon but didn't have the energy to cast for myself. Rowan always said that you procrastinate because it's your body's way of telling you that you need to rest; which is exactly what I did. I was exhausted emotionally.

I feel somewhat better. I'm trying once again to focus and persevere. I ordered some books from Rowan's book sale and I'm quite excited about getting lost in the craft. I have so many projects that I want to work on, books I'd like to read, posts I want to write. I just need to focus. I need to seek guidance from the higher beings.

I have a 6 card reading I purchased from Rowan during Halloween but I've yet to ask my question. Hopefully after I ground and center I'll be able to figure out what I need to know.

I've got a month to shed some pounds and reflect on my path, my relationships and where I'm going.

I'll follow the cards advice and I'll be patient.

I've got to trust in the advice I get from my higher being.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Xochitl (PBP wk 47)

Xochitl, 'flower' in Nahuatl.
December 2,2012

Since I'm working backwards and my last post was about my Ex I decided to write about an actual spirit for this second blog post.

I searched the X section of Judika Illes' Encyclopedia of Sprits for a spirit that spoke to me, the first two called my attention. The first spirit, Xichipilli [Sho-CHEE-pee-lee] the patron of life's pleasures: lord of flowers, love, maize, beauty, fun, games, music, art, dance, shamanism, and prophecy. The second, Xochiquetzal [Sho-CHEE-ket-zul] Aztec goddes of love, pleasure, flowers, and vegetation, lady of birds and butterflies; she's the very essence of youthful female sexuality and generative, creative power. When I came across the third one, I knew I'd found who I was looking for: Xochitl [Show-CHEE-tul]. Xochitl literally means "flower' in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs.
I actually have a cousin named after this Aztec flower. An aunt & uncle decided to dig really deep into our native roots and named their kids after different Aztec rulers, deities and spirits; from oldest to youngest here are their names: Xochitl, Itzcóatl, Tonantzin or Tona & Huitzilihuitl or Huitzi.


My cousin Itzcóatl [Itzcōhuātl  [it͡sˈkoːaːt͡ɬ],] which means 'Obsidian Serpent' in Nahuatl, was named after the fourth king or emperor of the Tenochtitlan (1428-1440.) Under his ruling, Tenochtitlán formed alliances with Texococo and Tlacopan two neighboring states that aided him in becoming the dominant power in central Mexico.


Tonantzin, La Virgen de Guadalupe y Juan Diego
Tonantzin 'Our Revered Mother' is a general title given to female deities, particularly Mother Earth Godesses such as Goddess of Sustence, Honored Grandmother, Snake, Bringer of maize and Mother of Corn.  
The Basilica de Guadalupe, Mexico's city 17th century Roman Catholic church was built in honor of la Virgen de Guadalupe, also known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, at the base of the hill of Tepeyac. This hill is believed to be a site used for pre-Columbian worship of Tonantzin.


Huitzilihuit [wit͡si'liʔwit͡ɬ], the youngest of the bunch, was named after the second tlatoani of Tenochtitlan. Tlatoani is the Nahuatl term for the ruler of an altepetl (a pre-Hispanic state). Huitzilihuit means Hummingbird Feather.

Anyway, enough family history. This post is supposed to be about Xochitl; according to Judika Illes's research, Xochitl also possesses other implications:

* Xochitl names a type of power implicit in beauty, goodness, love, and purity.
* Xochitl is the power of creativity, Art may be a physical expression of this power.
* Xochitl means "to flower," as in to bloor or blossom.
* Xochitl also refers to genitals. Xochitl --the title of a small 1938 painting by Friday Kahlo, sometimes called The Flower of Life--portrays a flower consisting of two parts, one resembling a vulva, the other a phallus.

Frida Kahlo, Xochitl (1938)
Xochitl is the root word in the names of the twin deities Xochiquetzal and Xochipilli who epitomize this power.

Xochitl is also the name of a goddess who is the perfect embodiment of this force.

Usually Xochitl refers to Xochiquetzal but may refer to Mayahuel, her brother's wife.

In Frida Kahlo's originally private but now plublished letters written to her lover, photographer Nikolas Muray, this contemporary goddess adopts Xochitl as her nom d'amour. (From The Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes)