Friday, January 20, 2012

Brooms & Besoms : The Quintessential Witch Tool (PBP wk 3)

I've always been drawn to movies and films that depict magick and witchcraft. Even as a child some of my favorite movies usually had some magickal component to them. As a young adult, I was drawn to movies like, The Craft, Hocus Pocus, and of course MY ALL TIME FAVORITE, Practical Magic (who DOESN'T love Practical Magic? I don't think I've ever met anyone -witch or muggle <- hehe yes, I love the Potter Series!- who doesn't love it.)

When I was searching for my 'B' word this week, the first thing that came to mind was that scene from PRACTICAL MAGIC where the ladies form a circle using their brooms to contain the possessed Nicole Kidman. This scene is so intense that it stayed with me even when I wasn't aware of how powerful a broom could be. I don't think I fully understood the relationship between the witch and her broom. It wasn't until I re watched the film as a new-born-witch that I understood the many elements that made this scene powerful & inspiring. 

Who doesn't immediately associate a witch with a broom, right? I think that by now the pointy hat and the broom are universal images for "witch."

The broom or bosom, is a tool of power. In WICCA: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, Cunningham writes, "Witches use brooms in magic and ritual. It is a tool sacred to both the Goddess and God."

As a woman, the broom represents love & care for the home. Brooms sweep away dirt in the mundane world as well as negative / unnecessary energies in the magickal world. They can be used to direct magick, sweep sacred space, or for protection.

I own multiple brooms, but I've always wanted an actual besom. A besom is a traditionally constructed broom made of a bundle of twigs tied to a stouter pole. But I've yet to find my perfect match.

A touch of country magic has a FANTASTIC selection of handmade brooms, their speciality is the cinnamon broom.

They quote Exodus on their site,

"Then the Lord said to Moses, " Take the finest spices: twelve pounds of liquid myrrh, half that amount (that is, six pounds) of sweet smelling cinnamon, six pounds of sweet smelling cane, and twelve pounds of cassia. Weigh all of these by the Holy Place measure. Also take four quarts of Olive oil, and mix all of these things like a perfume to make a holy olive oil. This special oil must be put on people and things to make them ready for service to God." Exodus 30:22-25-1

So, clearly it's a Christian base store...

I'd suggest that if you DO shop there ,don't mention you're magically inclined. he-he.
You see, my order was missing a small broom; when I contacted them via email they were extremely polite and offered to replace the missing item. After I replied with positive accolades over their amazing products, and casually mentioned that I'd be sharing their site with my magically inclined friends I never got a response nor a replacement. :/

I've yet to shop there again, but I've been meaning to get a handful of brooms and oils to give as housewarming / magickal gifts. It's the perfect gift to give someone you love; you can decorate it to personalize it and choose a scent according to the intent. Their products are of high quality. The brooms have a long lasting scent that penetrates the room for a while, plus you can always refresh them. They have an adequate selection of all natural oils, sandalwood, Cinnamon, myrrh, rosemary, lavender, clove, lemongrass, etc. Seriously, go take a look. I got most of the oils I use from this site.

I gave my family mini brooms for their cars prepared for protection on the road, and 24" brooms decorated for protection, prosperity, and love for their homes. They're the perfect little token of love.

I've been meaning to get one for myself, maybe it's time to shop brooms again!

If anyone shops there please comment and let me know how you like their products. :)