Friday, January 13, 2012

Positive Affirmations = Positive Growth (PBP wk 2)

May 10, 2012

I've discovered that the easiest way to reprogram your subconscious is through affirmations. I'll also admit that prior to experiencing affirmations first hand I was more than skeptical about them. I remember thinking affirmations were just part of the new-age-self-help movement. Hehe but that was waaay before I even got involved in the path.

I particularly remember this one episode of Sex & The City where Charlotte decided to attend a seminar to help her move on from her divorce and into finding true love. During the Q&A section she questioned why it wasn't working for her. The speaker immediately responded that Charlotte needed to do her affirmations. Carrie immediately intervened "oh believe ME, She's OUT THERE."
What we, as the audience didn't know at the time, was that Charlotte had true love stored in her future; that's the reason She hadn't come across Mr. Right.

Sometimes, we have to be patient. Good things are stored for us and they will come to us when we're ready, we just have to trust.
In the meantime, we must work with the law of attraction in order to attract what we desire into our lives --love, prosperity, and abundance.

When we're struggling in life and going through lean times, the default can sometimes be despair and negativity. We feel let down, lost and alone. We forget that sometimes things happen to teach us a valuable lesson.

The Universe, Divinity, Lord & Lady, God & Goddess, or Spirit, whatever higher force guides you, WANTS YOU to be happy.
The love stored within you, the love that surrounds you, the love that makes up every living & non living organism is the collective energy of the divine.


You can have it, all you have to do is actively work with your self, using the tools given to you by Divinity to change your mindset, and change your life.

You can work with this energy by reaffirming daily what you want in your life. It's using the law of attraction together with positive affirmations to gather the energy necessary to bring forth your heart's desires. You put out good, happy, loving energy, and you attract it back.

The key to affirmations, at least for me, is quality not quantity.

It's breathing in what I want, full of love and trust while releasing with each exhale what no longer serves me -fears, anxieties, negative feelings.

It's visualizing what I want as I say each line, adding to the image positive emotions and love.

One of my go-to affirmations is one I found in one of my very first witchcraft/wicca 101 books. It resonated with me & I've continued to use it whenever I feel doubtful.

"I trust I am on a path to abundance and happiness, of gratitude and prosperity. 
I am peaceful, calm, filled with the certainty that all my days, from this day forward, are rich and splendid."


"My mind body and spirit are strong. I go after my heart's deep desires. I can accomplish anything. I focus on my goals and have the strength to make them happen. I act in spite of my fears. I choose to be unstoppable."

As I say these affirmations, I imagine I'm on that path. I walk with each breath. I visualize. I trust.I am full of love. I manifest.

The feelings and emotions that back up my affirmations are there, vibrating within myself with each inhale & exhale. They increase in vibrancy until there's nothing but a full body hum.

Affirmations are as easy as rephrasing realistic wants/desires into present tense statements (written out as if you've already achieved your desire).

Repeat these statements with intent daily, or whenever you find the need to remind yourself of what you want, and enjoy the experience.
Say it with emotion, feel your desires manifest. Remember to always use positive words, the present tense, and the most important key: persistence.  

I've been listening to The Secret meditation. Its been only a week, but I've noticed I feel lighter, more energized, less annoyed. =p I need to get in the habit of doing it every night. I've tried to listen to the entire guided meditation but I simply cannot stay awake. I've combined this guided meditation with a chakra-aligning guided meditation that I'd been meaning to try. I've noticed that I definitely feel more grounded and centered.  I have more patience and wake up naturally on or around the time I set for myself the night before.

"I heal daily."

"I forgive and release."

"I am moving forward with love and trust."

"I am grateful for all that I have."

"My life is full of abundance."

"I am peace."