Friday, June 7, 2013

Learning to Listen and Love with Laguz ... (PBP 2013 wk 24)

"Our future selves call us from infinite pasts, and each night are eroded with our dreams."

This week I've decided to focus on Laguz for my Pagan Blog Project post. All the information found here comes from my favorite Rune site, Rune Secrets, a study community that helps with their meaning and personal development. I'm also reading A Practical Guide to THE RUNES by Lisa Peschel. It's a small pocket book that fits perfectly in my bag of divination tools. I won't go into detail citing each entry but I am giving full credit to both these authors for the information provided below. 

Laguz, or Lagaz has been making an appearance in my weekly readings. I debated it's meaning since I'm not that familiar with this rune, and it's appearance is quite recent. 

I'm highly emotional and as of lately I've been feeling a bit melancholic and lonely. I don't wallow in self pity, in fact I allow these feelings to emerge and flow, I address them and remind myself that everything has a connection to the bigger picture of life. 

I'm enrolled in a tarot and Angel class that basically helps us develop our intuitive senses; the times Laguz has come out, it reminds me that intuition and love are in the picture. This may be because this rune, pronounced "Log-uhz," literally means water or ocean. The element of Water usually deals with intuition and emotions, inspiration, healing, and love. The esoteric meaning of Laguz is the unconscious, the collective memory. 

Rune Secrets states that Laguz is the rune of the unconscious context of becoming or the evolutionary process. It is the Rune of Life's longing for itself. 

Lisa Peschel describes Lagaz (Laguz) as a rune of intuitive knowledge which during a reading indicates you should follow your intuition closely in the matter in question. 

Lagaz is the principal female rune; if the querent is female, it usually represents her and it indicates that no matter what troubles beset her, she will be more than capable of dealing with them. If a man is the querent, this rune shows the presence of a strong and supportive female, possibly the most important female in his life. 

Rune Secrets describes the energy of Laguz as the life energy, the ocean spirit, the origins of life, the collective unconscious, the astral plane, love as unity and evolution. 

This rune governs trans-personal powers, the mastery of emotion in order to shape wyrd. 
Laguz governs guidance through difficult initiatory tests, an increase in vitality and life force, and the communication between your conscious mind to another's unconscious mind. 

This rune is about the development of a "second sight" or prophetic wisdom, all the powers of dreaming, lucid dreams, and astral projection. 

Laguz aids with the ability to develop and see with a clairvoyant sense; this rune can be used in establishing a communication link from your conscious mind, under willful intent, to the unconscious mind of another. 

"Water is the symbol of unconscious and invisible Life forces. All of life is dependent on water, and therefore Laguz represents the universal ocean, the supreme unity of all life: past, present and future." 

Without water we can not survive. 
Our bodies are made up of 50-60% of water; aside from the nourishment we get from food, water is absolutely necessary and we are dependent of it's life force.

Every living thing that surrounds us needs water to survive, this very important link connects us to absolutely everyone and every living thing, like a living network that connects us as it flows through us, water is life.  

"Water is a psychically chargeable medium." 

The Beings of the West govern this element, and guide our intuitive senses. Water is transparent and it'll take the shape of it's container, water will fit anywhere; and just like water our feelings and emotions flow through us to shine a light on whatever issues need addressing. 

As of lately, I've been very much in touch with my emotions.

These are not dooming feelings associated with irrational outbursts, they are more of an empathetic synchronicity with anything that relates to matters of the heart. 

I honestly can not help myself. Something will resonate with me, and next thing you know I am experiencing this knot in my throat, stinging in my eyes, and tears that flow freely.

I honor these emotions. 
If they are there, it must be for a reason. 
I rather feel than be numb. 
I allow them to flow through me, out of me, and back into the Universe. 
These feelings and emotions need to be released, and they keep me connected to humanity. 

Connecting with the element of water keeps me linked to my intuitive senses. My dreams offer a window into my unconscious and point out and highlight anything that may be happening in my life. 

Every time I connect with the elements I ask for guidance so that I stay true to each; I strengthen the bond I have with the elements during circle each and every time and in turn, I have a direct line with each. I don't complain, even when my emotions are running high, I couldn't, this link keeps me true to myself. It is my duty to grow, learn, and follow my higher self into enlightenment.