Friday, September 28, 2012

Timing, Trust & Thankfulness (PBP wk 39)

In the Craft, planning & timing go hand in hand. We learn early that timing is everything when it comes to manifesting our desires. We work with different energies depending on the intention; we plan and visualize our spells/rituals/etc. We take into account the right day of the week, phase of the moon, planetary hour. Sometimes we even take into consideration planet's retrogrades and any cosmic event that might support or affect our magick.
While doing research I cam across this site, Carolina Dean - A Modern Witch's Book of Shadows. I really enjoyed the information found on her site and decided to share about timing your spells, planetary hours, magickal days, and astrological correspondences.
The Lore of the Moon )O(

When the moon is new,
draw positive things to you;
under a moon full & round,
all acts of magick may be found.
When the moon wanes,
Banish that which is bane;
& when the moon has turned black,
for protection you shall not lack.

The Moon Signs of the Zodiac.

Aries, the Head- Initiating action, new beginnings, confronting things, getting in other people's head, controlling and dominating people and situations, breaking habits.
Taurus, the Neck- money matters, planning long-range goals, public speaking, dental work, putting up preserves.
Gemini, the Arms- intellectual pursuits, juggling task, travel, protection.
Cancer, the Chest- attending to family and home matters, weddings, signing agreements.
Leo, the Heart- creativity, protection, love, children, self confidence, good for making large purchases, and doing that that youant to last.
Virgo, the Bowels- organizing, alayzing, getting a job, healing, breaking bad habits, buying medicine, healing pets.
Libra, the Kidneys- partnerships of all kinds, marriage, creativity, socializing, diplomacy, writing contracts.
Scorpio, the Genitals- research, investigation, psychic development, divination, seduction, lust, buying antiques.
Sagittarius, the Thighs- expanding the mind, freedom beginning a diet or exercises program, spiritual pursuits.
Capricorn, the Knees- pursuing ambitions, self-control, protection, organizing, focusing on your career.
Aquarius, the Legs- friendship, volunteering, originality, art, socializing.
Pisces, the Ankles- banishing negativity, psychic development.

The Magickal Days

On Sunday, cast spells of health,
Ambition, power,& of wealth.
Work magick of empathy & psychic vision,
When on Monday, the moon shares her wisdom.
If on Tuesday, you are called to action,
Cast spells of protection, war, lust, & passion.
For healing, to communicate great, & travel well,
Invoke Mercury on Wednesday to empower your spell.
On Thursday call upon Jupiter to increase,
Your prosperity & all ill luck cease.
Make magick of love, friendship, & romance,
When  on Friday, Venus has you entranced.
Invoke ancient Saturn on Saturday,
For protection & to open the way.

I've found along the way that I'm quite good at creating spells on the spot; but then again, all witches are. It's all about trust, trust in our own abilities. We learn to trust our intuition from early on the path; things either scream yes or no, there are signs that point us towards a path, an answer we seek, all we have to do is trust in ourselves to decipher these clues.

Trusting in my own magick comes naturally. As a Leo, I tend to follow my heart, I do what feels right. I act from a place of love, sending out good energy and loving thoughts. I can't say my life is perfect, in fact its far from it. I more than often I have to deal with unnecessary unhappy & stressful situations. It's not ideal, but you learn from each experience. Always aim to grow.If you practice whole heartedly how can you not trust that your magick will manifest?

Unless you forget to thank the energies that have aided your petition of course, then you should be doubting your own magick. When you ask Divinity/Deity /the Elements for help in some way, these energies manifest in your work; they guide your petition out into the Universe to help it manifest. Thanking these energies by honoring them in some way is what closes the circle you've opened. I honor daily, votive candles, incense, offerings, food, prayer, etc.

Thankfulness connects you to these energies; it builds a relationship that strengthens your magick.