Friday, September 14, 2012

STICKING to Resolutions: No matter what... SWEAT Everyday... I WILL (PBP wk 37)

I just got inspired.

Was watching TV while I re-arranged my bag of books and this very inspiring commercial caught my attention. I seriously felt like I should and need to be doing that: sweating every day. Sweating every day and releasing my stress that way will most definitely help me keep a clear mind. Sweat rids the body of toxins, exercise energizes and revitalizes the body as well as tightens and keeps the body in shape.

I've been wanting to start back on a workout regimen. I do yoga but not nearly as much as I should.

The last few days my daily tarot & oracle messages have been pointing out my need to connect with Spirit through meditation and yoga; as well as better, healthy eating habits.

I'm not treating my body as I should and I definitely need to make a commitment to myself.

If my body is not at its optimal shape, I can't very well harness all the energy that I need for my practice. As of the past week, I've noticed that I'm way too out of energy. I just want to sleep. I eat like once a day, and then I just want to sleep. Not a great combo...

I might be a bit depressed actually. Stress is getting the best of me and I've been avoiding it by getting lost in books, sleep, or random movies. My sleeping schedule is out of whack, I stay up for most of the night and I'm left with a zombie-like attitude during the day.

All these changes are stressing me out more than I'd like to admit. I can not wait for everything to settle down so I can start my new routine.

I haven't neglected my daily practice, that's one good thing. I still make time to meditate and analyze my actions. I've cast a few times in the past month, but it might not have been my best, since I've been lacking the energy I need for successful spells. I trust my magick, and so I feel that even though I might not be in my best shape the energy I've sent is still working towards it's goal.

I know I've been talking about sticking to resolutions for the past few posts, but in all honesty, that's my biggest struggle as of now.

I first and foremost need to change my sleeping habits, then I can tackle my eating habits. Time management is something I need to get a grip on, otherwise I'll never accomplish everything I set for myself on a daily basis.

I was checking the Pagan Blog Project scheduled page and I have about 15 weeks left to catch up. Feels like more than enough time since I'm missing about 13 letters, he he, that's 26 posts. If I can stick to posting 3 a week I should catch up by the time the Project ends.

I know I can do it. I have it in me to get things done, but for some reason I've been procrastinating. Rowan says that procrastination is your body's way of letting you know that you need rest. I doubt I need rest, I've been resting way too much, I wish I could get to the bottom of my lack of motivation.

Changes are imminent, and necessary. I feel that once things are settled it will be easier to stick to a routine. For now, I plan on sweating every day! There's a new moon tomorrow night, and I plan on asking for some help. I'll start with the new moon, Sunday will be my kickoff for sweating every day. I'm sure that by next weekend I'll have a better grip on my routine.

Having a concrete plan definitely settles my mind. If I approach the issue from all angles and I harness energy from different sources, how could I fail?

I'm making a commitment to myself, I'm sticking to my resolutions and I'm SWEATING EVERY DAY... no matter what.