Friday, September 7, 2012

Rainy days, perfect time for Relaxation, Reflection & Renewal. (PBP wk 36)

I have to say, I absolutely adore rainy days. I've always enjoyed the relaxing tip-tap of raindrops against the windows, the gentle dancing of the rain as it hits the pavement. The amazingly fulfilling earthy scent that fills the air as soon as the first drops hit the ground.

Rainy days are possibly my favorite kind of days. I feel as if the rain, along with the cloudy skies, give me the perfect environment to relax and ponder. It really is the best environment for reflection.

I love to watch the raindrops, the sound of them is the perfect white noise for meditation. I actually enjoy lightning and thunder. I love them when they are far away and no more than a murmur, or when they are so close and loud they startle me and make me laugh. Everything that comes with rainy days & stormy nights inspires me.

For some, rainy days bring forth feelings of melancholy and sadness, that's been the case for me at times. I feel that if one feels inspired to allow these feelings to emerge, we should let them happen. We should allow these emotions to surface and exit our bodies. 

This energy we've been bottling up needs some type of release; we need to be in touch with our emotions in order to tap into the energy we need to access during spell casting.

I personally love to crawl in bed with a good book, or a good movie. Add hot cocoa and a snuggie and it's the perfect environment for relaxation.

I also love to meditate and reflect during stormy days or nights. I feel that the rain hitting against the window is the perfect soundtrack for deep meditation.

Sometimes I just like to stare out the window and watch lightning strike as I ponder about whatever is going on in my life. It's like the rain puts me in  some sort of trance; I'm aware of my surroundings but not totally present, I'm in my mind thinking, traveling, daydreaming.
It's not unusual for feelings of melancholy to arise during these periods of time, I welcome them as they come because these feelings need to be addressed. I find that when this happens I usually come to some sort of awakening or conclusion about whatever issue I'm dealing with at the moment.

It's healthy to have a good cry. Rainy days inspire these emotions. They are the perfect setting for cathartic realizations. Usually after I have an intense emotional outburst I'm left with a feeling of peace and renewal. It's like hitting the reset button. You're spent from all the crying, your body is humming from the release of energy and ready to be filled with positivity. 

Rain represents the element of water, it's associated with the West. Water is like a mirror that reflects our inner most deep desires, our emotions; it inspires us, it heals, it nurtures.
Love resides with the element of water; and just like water, love is fluid, it has no shape because it takes on the shape of the vessel. We are the vessels, and in order to have a healthy love relationship we must keep ourselves in top shape; by nurturing ourselves, keeping ourselves in touch with our emotions and addressing sadness and melancholy as it occurs --taking an active role in the healing process.

It's absolutely necessary to be in touch with our emotions; after all, our magick emanates from the heart. Our intentions are guided by the power of love, our magick comes from love, the love of God & Goddess, the Spirit, our higher self. We send out love and receive it back with the power of attraction. If we're not in tune with this element it might be harder to manifest our desires.

If you haven't danced in the rain you haven't experienced the cleansing power of mother nature at it's best.
It's such an amazing experience, to feel the cool drops soak the body, soak the soul; it releases bottled up energy, it cleanses the body and mind. 
It feels like being kissed by mother nature, surrounded by her love; this love isn't perfect but it's full of energy and healing love. It cleanses the soul and fills it with happiness and positive energy. Overall, it's fun. 

If you haven't cried under the rain you're also missing out on the healing properties the element of water has to offer.
Yes, it seems a bit cliché since these images are portrayed during sappy romantic movies; in reality there's a science to it, rain helps to cleanse the soul exponentially.

I absolutely love rainy days... they're good for the soul and necessary for mother earth. It quenches earth's thirst renewing life with each drop. Rainy days are God sent.