Friday, April 27, 2012

The Queen of Cups follows her Intuition... (PBP wk 17)

"She is poetry in motion, imagination incarnate. She heeds her intuition and follows her heart. Though her steps seem random and impulsive, they are guided by instinct."
                            --Stephan Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore.

      When I first held this card I though about how effortlessly the Queen seems to glide over the scene of this image. I agree with the description, She is poetry in motion.

She's guided by intuition and almost a blind fate. Each of her steps is supported by nature. Her every move is inspired by her femininity. I imagine her every step is full of confidence and sensuality; she seems almost as if she's dancing.

She moves with instinctive intuition.


The idea seemed simple at first, but after thinking about it I found that it wasn't as straightforward as I thought.

"Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. We do things because something tells us that's how it should be..."

Personally, I've had a vast amount of happy coincidences due to acting on instinct. Many spells and herb mixtures have come out as result of me following my intuition.

In the beginning of my path I found myself coming up with herb blends and spells out of necessity. The beauty of it all was finding out later --either through proper research or my good friend Angel-- that what I'd done was right along the lines of what I was supposed to do. Many times I'd do certain things during spells that I hadn't even planned on doing, it'd just sort of happen; as it turns out my little tweaks are things that help increase the energy, or are part of a spell that I'd come across later.

I'm still very young (path-wise) and I've got so much to learn. Finding out that whatever I'm doing on instinct is actually what I'm supposed to do is actually encouraging.

I'm following my intuition and so far it's shown me that I'm following the right path.

Intuition gets a bit more complicated when it deals with people. Or at least I find it confusing. I feel this is because I want to believe the best in people, and I find it hard and highly disappointing when they turn out to be of the backstabbing nature.

... I don't know, sometimes I get the impression that certain things are going on, and well, I'm not always sure that what I'm feeling has any reasonable grounds for suspicion. And even when I do, I try to come up with logical explanations for "their" actions.
Oooor, I'll start to wonder if whatever I experienced was all in my head; even though some things were absolutely emotionally unforgettable.

I'd go into detail about these events but I'm not sure I'm ready to discuss them. Not the negative ones anyway...

I can relate to The Queen of Cups in many ways. When I read Rowan's definition of this card I realized how much in common I had with this queen.

"[She's] loving, empathetic, and gentle. She draws on her own personal experience in order to help those around her and she maintains a level of emotional intensity in her personal relationships." I mean, that's totally me. Ha-ha, in fact, my sister teasingly says that my middle name is intense. I have a knack for helping my friends with heartfelt advice. I love them, they're a great part of my life, without them I wouldn't be who I am now. Lending a sympathetic ear is the least I can do.

I wish I was that clear about giving myself advice and following it.

Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega authors of Power Tarot describe this queen as "the prototypical nurturer, her heart filled with compassion. Her nurturing extends to children, animals, environmental issues, and causes in which she fervently believes." I mean, I know my friends can agree with this. ha-ha How many times have I dragged them to events that supported certain causes? I'm passionate about what I care about and when I can, I try to share my views to increase awareness and/or understanding.

I'm spiritual and loving and definitely drawn to the medicinal and magickal properties of herbs. I follow my intuition in circle, while crafting spells and when it comes to helping out friends.

When I read for myself, I tend to see things like: my ex and our role in each other's life. :sigh: Which is ALWAYS confusing since despite my logic and will, I can't seem to get rid of these feelings. lame. haha
Oooor when I see evidence in the cards supporting my suspicions about treachery among people in my circle (not an actual circle/coven). I mean, am I misinterpreting?

When I've read for Marina, (a Babalou or priestess in Santeria, friend of my mom's) what I saw in the cards happened within a month. Her daughter was in fact pregnant, and Marina got married soon after the reading. Even thought at the time she wasn't asking about her love life, The Sun came out in a love position. We speculated about what it could mean. Next thing you know she's getting married.
At the time Marina's concern was her daughter. She suspected about her pregnancy, which came out in the cards (along with other very specific issues that were also going on). She trusts what I see, and has given me positive reassurance when it comes to events happening right after a reading.

How do I learn to trust my intuition without bias? I want to see things as they are...

Random: I wonder if the reason why I find myself having so much in common with this queen is because under the new 13th astrological sign, Ophiuchus, I'd be considered Cancer and not Leo. The queen's element is water which relates to Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. Hmm? I should ask about this new sign...