Friday, May 3, 2013

Intuitive Spellwork (PBP 2013 wk 19)

At times I'm still surprised by the level of intuitive guidance I receive when it comes to creating spells and working magick.

As of lately, I've been working with the Runes. I actually got my set of Runes from Jess Carlson and I have to say, these are so honest and straight to the point. I always get the guidance I need at the time of my reading.

I have this long ritual when it comes to reading my own cards. I first cast a few Runes, as I do this I get the opportunity to learn about each Rune which I've found really resonates with me. I absolutely LOVE Rune Secrets and it is my go-to site when I want to connect with the Runes of the day.

I also do a life spread and anchor which I picked up from this one Tarot How To book. I didn't really connect with the rest of the book but this spread has proven to be useful. I really like how it gives me a glimpse of every aspect of my life. I follow these spreads with my own extended version of the Celtic cross, which is quite long. And finally, I do a 6 different Oracle spread for overall guidance. I was doing this daily, which seriously takes FOREVER... but it feels right. I get so much information [sometimes too much] which helps me see where I am at any given moment.

These readings even help me with spellwork! The runes specifically. I then get reassurance from the oracles and a better understanding of what's going on from the Celtic cross.

I've decided to cut back on my daily readings in order to focus on more tasks that I've been neglecting.
I have to admit that I'm a Tarot neebie. I'm enrolled in Jess Carlson's In The Cards Tarot class. It's an 8 week course that teaches us how to read the cards intuitively. I'm behind already as it was expected, but I'm learning so much from the group and the assignments that being behind isn't really as upsetting as I thought it would be.

I find it hard to keep up to my schedule and post as much as I'd like, I mean, come on, I'm suuuuper behind with the Pagan Blog Project! There's always so much to do! I have sooo many unfinished blog posts from past weeks that I simply don't finish and therefore never post. :/

But alas, I am catching up with life... in every aspect. I'm working on myself, managing my time better without squandering my energy. It feels good.

That's what I mean about Intuitive spellwork, I am getting great guidance from my oracle decks which are helping me optimize myself.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to stay true to myself by any means necessary. I wasted so much energy trying not to help others during the past few weeks because I felt unappreciated, when in fact, it took more out of me to be selfish than to simply give.

I've accepted this... it's part of my life's purpose, so why fight it?

I've been blessed with an apt ability for spellwork. Things just make sense, links happen even before I realize I'm working on a spell. Higher guidance shows me the way. It seriously amazes me how easy it is to come up with a strong spell that fulfills the exact needs of whatever issue I'm dealing with... it's uncanny.

I love that. Just earlier today I was working on some spellwork to help my sister and her boyfriend , the candle was positively humming with energy. The Runes I needed to complete the spell simply came to me. I trust that every single sigil used will help in it's highest way.

I love magick.

I seriously kept muttering that to myself as I crafted... 

Everything makes sense. Things fall into place right at the time when you mostly need them. You just have to trust... ask for help, and accept it. Trust that your magick will manifest because you've made it so, it's an incredible feeling.

I love being in touch with nature, the elements, elementals and magickal beings that help and guide our every step.

Intuition is at times taken for granted. Fear is the cause of this.

I've let go of my fear. When you work from a place of love, you really can't do wrong.

I'm a young witch, confident in my abilities and eager to learn as much as the Universe has to offer...

I am open to all teachings. I love knowledge. The more we learn the better we understand ourselves, our surroundings, and others. I don't think I could give up my path... it's part of me as I am part of it and every single resonating energy within our Universe.