Friday, May 25, 2012

The Key to Keeping up with the Path... (PBP wk 21)

May 23, 2012

For this weeks post I decided to write about the difficulties that come with keeping up with The Path.
I guess, I shouldn't say "difficulties" because its not so much difficult as it is a bit overwhelming. I wish I had the time and dedication to tackle more lessons everyday but unfortunately I lack the time management skills and energy at times.
I'm currently studying The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, reading books about herbalism & herb magick, learning to read the Tarot intuitively with Rowan's "Within the Cards" and of course, my new oracle deck --my latest addition to my divination tools. It doesn't sound all that overwhelming, but when you combine that with starting two new businesses, it can be.
The thing is, that as much as I want to fully focus on the path and furthering my knowledge and abilities with proper study, I'm finding it a bit difficult to tackle everything I have on my plate.
I'm not concerned about my spirituality, I practice it daily. I honor God, Goddess & Divinity with my daily practice. In the end that's what matters, right? Building the connection with Divinity, the ancestors, the spirit world.
As an eclectic and solitary, I get to decide where I focus my studies and what to do with what I learn. I have a handful of books that are the building blocks of my craft. There is so much to learn and so much to practice but not enough time or energy to do it all.
I'm guided by my intuition, and usually discover later that what I've done is right along the lines of what I was supposed to do anyway. It's certainly reassuring, however, I know that my casting would improve with the mastery of my foundation.
I guess that as of lately, my energy levels have been fluctuating. This is mainly due to my change in eating habits, I've incorparated fasting as part of my daily living. I'm experimenting with the fast-on, fast-off method. I'll fast for 1-3 days, drinking herbal teas from my garden, organic smoothies, and as much water as possible.
Fasting has many benefits; aside from weight control & spiritual clarity, fasting is the best gift you can give your body. You're giving your body a break from processing food, and in turn, your body has the energy to focus on regenerating itself. The first 48 hours are cleansing and detox, by the third day your body tackles those areas that need help healing.
I want to treat my body like the temple that it is. I've mistreated it long enough and unfortunetly I'm paying for the damages. I feel that once I get used to the new healthy diet it will be easier to keep my weight under control. I want to, with time, be able to fast for at least 10 days at a time. Of course I need patience and perseverance in order to reach my goal.
I'm also a lover of Yoga, I absolutely love Namaste Yoga. The sequences flow effortlessly while at the same time they're streneous enough to count as a light workout. Yoga helps me regulate my breathing which in turn helps during meditation, and it keeps my body active and full of energy while I'm fasting.
The key to keeping up with this magickal path is finding the balance between mind, body & spirit. It's finding the time to practice daily, connecting with Divinity while building a stronger sense of spirituality.
I'm nowhere near perfect, but I'm trying my best while on this path to enlightment. I take it one day at a time focusing on the present, living in today. Being mindful of others while taking care of myself. I accept my mistakes, and make the necessary changes to move forward in a positive way, clearly aware of the lesson I've learned to avoid them in the future.
I love this path and I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm happy, mentally and spiritually stronger than I've evr been. I'm fulfilling my dreams one step at a time and its wonderful. I know that it will take time to master all I need to learn, but that's the beauty of The Craft, it's a living religion. It evolves with me, it changes as I learn, it grows with me. Its perfectly beautiful.